Moodle has been updated to the latest version. More information will be coming later this summer. Your course administration menu has been moved from the left sidebar to the gear icon in the maroon bar. Please report any issues to

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    Moodle Introduction
    by Moodle Administrator - Thursday, 14 July 2016, 4:31 PM

    Login to Moodle using your network username and password.
    For more information, see

    Find resources and documentation for using Moodle at our Moodle 101 course. If you require further assistance, please email or fill out the short form at

    If your instructor is using a Moodle course, login and search for your course through the listing down the center of your screen. After finding your course and clicking on it you may be asked for an enrolment key. This key will be provided to you by your instructor.